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Write Converting Copy, Get High-Paying Clients & & Kickstart Your Dream Writer’s Life in 8 Weeks

What You Get:

9-page PDF we’ve NEVER launched prior to

Over 2,000words of fill-in-the-blank design templates you can begin utilizing to draw in, filter and close paid customers.

This is broken out into 4 “Phases”, as follows:

1. Entirely Cold Client Template

2. Semi-Cold Client Template

3. How to Get a Client on the Phone

4. 27- Step Phone Sales Script to Close a Client on the Spot

WEEK # 1: Trust the Process (It Works)

[+]The 1 thing that distinguishes our most effective trainees

[+]How to triple your rates over night with ZERO tension

[+]Why “believing little” is much better than huge objectives (& & why momentum is your supreme buddy)

[+]The ONLY criteria you ought to be determining yourself with (tip: it’s not cash)

[+]Try on these totally free “brand-new clothing” to INSTANTLY increase your self-belief (Gary Bencivenga did this)

[+]Ning’s “Go Gangster” trick to utilizing your inner fire … and why timing is whatever

WEEK # 2: How to Land High Paying Clients Even if You Have ZERO Experience


[+]How Ning’s sweetheart– who had no experience– blew past the objections most high-paying customers have with brand-new copywriters

[+]Why branding matters

[+]Forget the laws of “regular” tasks– they do NOT govern the laws of freelancing

[+]CAUTION: perfectionism can eliminate you in this video game … here’s why “sufficient” is much better than ideal (plus how to understand where the line is)

[+]Nike was right, JUST DO THE THING (like this) & & enjoy your profession remove

[+]The 3 immutable stages of customer interaction (and why providing potential customers “treats” is the very best method to take the next action)

[+]Charge this quantity per e-mail– to the dollar– based upon your ability level

[+]Afraid of handling tasks you can’t DELIVER? We describe why it’s not as dangerous or frightening as you believe

[+]How my insane fire walk with the legend David Deutsche PROVES you can turn a shit sandwich into gold

WEEK # 3: Over the Shoulder– Ning Writes an Email from Scratch PLUS How to Outline a Sales Letter


[+]WATCH: we change a trainee’s random e-mail concept into client-ready copy in 7 minutes

[+]What you definitely CAN NOT FORGET in your very first line of e-mail copy (non-negotiable)

[+]Non-intuitive pointer to making the most of e-mail conversions with 1 kind of picture

[+]” How HARD should I offer in my e-mail?” <<< < < < addressed

[+]7 methods to pull terrific e-mail concepts from any sales page … and pitch them to a cold customer

[+]The # 1 concern to ask prior to composing a single word of copy

[+]Where to discover your audience’s inmost tricks to press their hot-buttons and make them purchase (not Facebook or Amazon evaluations)

[+]How long to invest in research study

[+]LOOK PAGE-BY PAGE INSIDE THIS DOC: research study file of a winning health supplement control … the specific concerns Ning asked … where he discovered the responses … how to do this with any task

[+]The 2-pronged system technique to TRULY separate your item from whatever else out there

[+]Why “simply taking a seat to compose copy” is a ROOKIE MOVE (do this rather)


WEEK # 4: How to Create & & Foster Meaningful (& & Profitable) Relationships in the Industry


[+]The inescapable “dip” you’ll roll up to in ANY stage of your freelancing & & how to travel through it undamaged

[+]The “hockey stick” success misconception

[+]EASIEST method to separate yourself from other copywriters– this needs no ability

[+]Why finding out to browse is similar to copy (& & simply as enjoyable when you master it)

[+]# 1 psychological error copywriters make & & what NEVER to connect your self worth to

[+]The “Squeaky wheel” method: a basic follow-up reframe Austin utilized to land numerous customers who appeared ‘dead’

[+]How books, podcasts & & blog sites have “mileage” you can utilize to squeeze more cash out of whatever you find out (3 particular suggestions for how to do this)

[+]The likeability issue: genuine method to construct connection … get customers who like you … and make more dealing with individuals YOU in fact like

[+]Do you forget what you discovered because last podcast? Did we: till we began utilizing this virtuous cycle technique

WEEK # 5: Funnel Architecture & & the Key Pillar of Direct Response-Driven Businesses


[+]UNDER THE HOOD OF A $20MIL BIZ: see genuine conversion numbers, click thru rates, advertisement invest economics of a lucrative publishing organization– 95% of copywriters do not comprehend this

[+]CPAs … real CPAs … AOV … ROAS … and other direct action acronyms: discussed

[+]Starbucks REAL success trick … why their coffee does not matter … and why to laser-focus your resources on constructing the exact same property

[+]What “client acquisition” truly indicates & & why it makes or breaks a company

[+]The # 1 inspiration behind everybody in the direct action video game (besides cash)

[+]Little-known methods to assist your customer (or yourself) with optimization

[+]Why NEVER to provide an ounce of energy to a “MF” outcome when you evaluate copy

[+]7-Phase funnel breakdown of an 8-figure monetary publishing business

[+]Which upsell is the most crucial and why to focus 80% of your energy there

WEEK # 6: Grease the Slope: Sentence Structure, Grammar & & Clarity– Simplified


[+]The factor Austin likes dog-shit initial drafts (seriously, here’s why to be “happy with poo”)

WHEN the genuine magic in fact occurs in your copy



[+]3 secret “focus zones” when you modify & & the 3 most effective verb tenses

[+]Passive vs. active voice: streamlined

When you ought to utilize passive voice and how to utilize it best


[+]The 1 situation.

[+]Why “digestibility” is critical to conversions


WEEK # 7: Cut Your Writing Time in HALF with These Research & & Outline Hacks


[+]A mushroom journey “a-ha” minute Ning had that disappears composing blocks

[+]Down to the bullet how Austin structured a $1.7 Million promo for Agora Financial

[+]Why “A.V.” is a much better method to structure sales letters than “order of objections”

[+]Copywriting is as much about VISUALS as WORDS– and we do not simply indicate photo/ video

[+]The Dig Agency’s # 1 Outlining Secret to Writing a Sales Letter with Maximum Profit Power

[+]The factor I’ve not been concentrating on technical copy recently & & the 1 thing I AM that’s doubled my ability

When to compose easily without a location in mind



[+]Why, how & & when to “Conceal your hand” and draw readers deeper into your copy

[+]Line-by-line lead breakdown of a multi-million dollar control we composed

[+]Curveball Copy: the hardly ever comprehended ability of being unanticipated in your copy to improve readership and conversions

WEEK # 8: Blazing Ahead: Forming High-Value Relationships by Getting Better


[+]How to enter into America’s leading web marketing conference– FREE! All the highest-paying customers appear.

[+]The most basic method to keep enhancing with the Swiss Army tool you simply established

[+]How to determine high worth individuals & & really get in touch with them

[+]Exactly how Austin went from unidentified copywriter >> > > to $110/ hr. on Upwork >> > > to a crucial intro from Kevin Rogers

[+]When you pass this “rollercoaster limit”– individuals can’t wait to coach you … coach you … and employ you immediately.

[+]The concern to “ask the world” (informs you if you’re prepared to step up to the major leagues)

[+]FEAR of sharing your work decreases your development (simple repair stops talking that voice)

Inside each week, you’ll get:

* HD VIDEO LESSONS: complete HD videos you can stream from your laptop computer or phone, with playback speed control so you can find out at your speed

* WORKSHEETS, SLIDES & & PDFS: if the video has slides, or talks about a particular piece of swipe, you’ll get a file to follow along. Or, if there’s a link to something, we’ll consist of that inside your website.

BONUS # 1: Live Over-the-Shoulder Email Writing with Ning

Since there’s no faster method to begin getting paid customers … than by getting great at e-mails,

Due to the fact that you can choose it up fast (specifically with us revealing you precisely how).

Inside this 90+ minute video … Ning goes HAM– revealing you precisely how he composes an e-mail from scratch. In this case, it’s for a genuine working deal: a health supplement for menopausal ladies. Discover how to come up with subject line concepts … click-worthy hooks … impossible-to-ignore stories … and more.

BONUS # 2: Ultimate 35- Point Checklist for a High-Converting Sales Letter


Don’t understand where to begin? Or what area of your sales letter should go next? Or– God forbid– if you’re missing out on a crucial area or objection your possibility has burning in their mind? With this in-depth list, absolutely nothing will slip past the goalie.

This thing might offer and be a standalone item thousands of copies. That’s a quite damn great concept we may pursue. Today, act now and you’ll get it as a thank you for trusting us to assist catapult your freelance profession into a stack of money.


BONUS # 3: Step-by-Step Research Guide for a Long Form Sales Page

What’s the # 1 distinction in between the leading A-list pros and the typical ordinary author? Research study. When you do this right, you understand what to try to find, when you have sufficient info, where to turn rocks over, when you have the best info, and how to do it FAST (some authors we understand can end up research study for a 10 K-word sales letter in 4 hours– lots of take 2 weeks!). This guide takes you by the hand and reveals you the actual links to get in, to discover a goldmine of your target market’s inmost worries, desires, difficulties, and dreams.

BONUS # 4: Upwork Profile Optimization Training

Upwork is an SEO, similar to Google. That indicates you can take advantage of pertinent keywords, expressions, and tags to increase your exposure in the search engine result. In this training, Austin reveals you the basic actions you can require to optimize your profile importance and snap to the top of the list (or a minimum of greater on it) when customers look for copywriters on here. Consider this as a “hack” you can utilize so more customers see your beautiful face on the page, and ask to employ you.

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