Magic Mushrooms Are the Answer to Your Smoking Problem

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Getting rid of a smoking problem is a daunting task to say the least. The addictive nature of this health-ruining activity makes it one of the most dangerous habits to fall prey to. This explains the campaigns across to world that attempt to solve this problem for those addicted, and make sure the younger generation knows why to stay away from a habit their parents warned them about.

One unexpected help comes from magic mushrooms, which happen to be much more magical than most people make them out to be. They contain a hallucinogenic ingredient called psilocybin, which was used in a study by the John Hopkins University.

In the study, 15 chain-smokers, who had been smoking for over 30 years, were given a dose of psilocybin, before being allowed to relax. The study also incorporated other techniques, such as counseling sessions, whereby the subjects were asked about their progress, and how they feel about distancing themselves from a habit that haunted them for over 30 years.

Week after week, the dose was enhanced, and the progress was continuously monitored. The subjects kept a diary as well so that they could also keep track of their feelings in their personal capacity.

The results of the study were near-astonishing – 12 out of the 15 participants claimed to have absolutely no urge of smoking, showing just how effective these magic mushrooms really are.

Over time, different solutions have been suggested to get you out of this habit. As more and more research indicates the need to quit smoking immediately, the general public has resorted to various methods, such as having a nicotine patch.

Another thing you can resort to is electronic cigarettes, which, although isn’t free from side-effects, offer you a much less harmful alternative. The introduction of this electronic alternative has attracted great attention, and has become a hot business to enter. If you are to dip your feet in this business, you can be sure of not considering profitability as a problem.

The problem is in fact in getting a merchant account for your electronic cigarette business. The controversial nature and mixed views that this product carries translates into being viewed as a high-risk product. The reluctance of banks and other providers to do business is therefore never far away.

There is no alternative for a merchant account, not when you are a business in today’s world.

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